Security breach in SRM campus

by divyanshu deep (jamc)

The SRM institute operates in a happy harmony way with the instrumentalities of executing all the programs and plans in a phenomenal and astonishing way.
but to be truly great, exercising democratic power must enjoy independence of a high order. But independence could become perilous, unless there is a discipline with rules of good conduct and accountability. The SRM institute follows all the necessary steps to conserve the atmosphere of the institute, the students are not authorized to enter the campus without their I-d card’s, and outsiders are restricted to enter the campus without a valid reason. Consumption of any kind of intoxicated substance is also prohibited in the campus. All in one the SRM institute functions in a fabulous way.

but a drunk man was reported asleep on the side of the main administrative building of SRM institute on 16/8/2012 around 4:09 pm. Sources say that the man had a lot of drink’s and was walking free on the street of SRM campus without any questioning by the campus security guards.  A student from second year jamc rita (name changed) says that she felt unsafe and found it risky to walk by the side of the road inside the campus where the man was asleep.

now, the question arises here is the campus safe for the students to walk around or the rules made by the institution are only legalized for the students???

‘’a lot of work has to be done in the area of security’’ says another fresher from the science and humanities department. A little more effort is required by the institute to procure success and make the campus more ravishing and enchanting for the students.


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