‘‘0ops!!! ‘I’ fell in love!’’ {poem}

by Divyanshu deep

I did not think that I would fall in love with you, but I did,
I was mad since the very first day I saw you,
I thought of just another other ordinary girl,
who looked kind of geek

I checked you out with curiosity,
guys chill out, I am not a freak.

Everything I’d wished for,
every dream of my hope came true.
I never thought I would happen,
until the day I met you.

as the days went by the anxiety
within me grew stronger and stronger,
the day’s assumed to me longer, longer and longer
I never thought that I would fall but I did……..

memories came flooding
between the wrinkles – budding

the first time we ever met
it was, it wasn’t  love yet

DING ! DONG ! DANG ! I rang the bell
you didn’t answer, what the hell……
I felt the same, as you do now
the next time I won’t be around.

Checking out a hot girl with curiosity
that’s what I call lust
I got caught doing that twice
what a bust !!! what a bust !!!

eight times four is thirty two
and now you know that it’s true,
now I wonder what was that we had between us
my friend LAKSH says ‘’ bus kar yar bus’’

I lied, I cried  WTF!!!,
now I wanna fight
most of the time other people sound Dum
I think about them ‘’what a bum’’

although it hurts to know
that you don’t feel the same as me,
hopefully one day you will realize
one day you will wake up and see

that I was always there,  But
there was nothing left between you and me
to say something now would be inappropriate
the lame cause of our break-up was enough to  differentiate

BANG!!! BANG!!! BANG!!! Now the time is gone
here I am back on my track to mingle
on and onnnnnnnnnn………………………………

divyanshu deep
[delhi days] jnu


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