MY FIRST KISS

                                                                                                                                            BY DIVYANSHU TO MY FIRST LOVE

I still remember what it felt like,
the touch, the smile and the pulse
the most special kiss was the first kiss
that made her smile,

I was never known for my pleasant behavior,
but my friends I can tell you
that I was pounding out like flames,
when I sat still and calm

there are no words to describe that feeling,
the love grasped within me came out screaming

the touch was motionless ,
my heart was throbbing and thumping
like a dead man’s chest,
there I was still holding my breath

the movement was the most erotic
movement of my life,
the feeling of desire was
unbeatable to fix up a fight,

now the gone memories fades up like a
past green tree of life before my eyes,
I think nothing but to feel the same again
the joy was motionless like a drain

all tho I am not good with dates
I still remember the 6th of January,
the day I had to leave the city
on the way back to my army clan

I remember the melancholy and mournful look
on her face the fear of the never ending tale.

what if I wasn’t there tomorrow to stand
and the relation between us was lost that now we sustain,
I know that it would not bother  you much,
but today I have to say to you that
‘’I actually do love you’’

after the kiss I told her that ‘’this was my first’’
a clean smile swiped on to her sweet face
accepting my accuracy and infallibility
of that most special movement between us.

she said to me that I was the first boy
that had come into her life for the first time,
and there was no bound of
exhilaration and ecstasy in my life

all tho I was never amorous kind of person
I but I did find a way to portray her
the pink suit just looked fine on her
with blossom  pinkish effects,

after that I thought nothing els
but of endear her for myself.

next day on message I inquired
‘’how the kiss felt like’’
a timid reply came out that
‘’ well after all it was the first’’

then next morning I said to her that for
the past three days I have been thinking of her,
she wasn’t amazed as she was going through the same
I know that’s a lot  sustain.

the first kiss made her smile and created
a blossom pink on her cheek,
and that my friends was a very unique movement
I thought of never doing any mistake
to ruin that smile off from her sweet face

and the never ending tale of my first kiss
will remain forever

                                          DIVYANSHU DEEP
                                          [CHENNAI  DAYS]


12 thoughts on “MY FIRST KISS”

    1. bana lay bhay band ka naam kyahai???? i am up for that job, and total free of cost .lol
      and thanks by the way
      next poem coming up on 31st abt me u and prabish…….
      do read it

    1. oh!!! so u r flattered ha??? Aww, it’s so cute when you try to talk about things you don’t understand.
      And people wonder why women have been historically oppressed…

      I’d like to see things from your point of view, but I can’t get my head that far up my ass…..

  1. n nw em nt hea 2 cmnt abt d poem..!
    coz itz nt 2 ma level..!
    bt dude d last cmnt of urz..!
    u trolled her bro..!
    hatz of..!

  2. Just fyi, swallowing a dictionary and vomiting random words isn’t trolling 🙂 And Prabs007, you need to learn to spell bro. Like, seriously. And just in case it wasn’t clear, my earlier comment=SARCASM.

    1. Oh!!! What happned now you were flattered right??? So now you are shattered:O haha and vomiting random words….keep telling that to your self if that makes you and don’t you dare say anything about prabish he knows relationships better than you stop staging and work on your proffering skills other wise you will always be the same informal anorak.

    1. yea dude i can but i wrote this poem in 11th std i…… (and i was not a journalism student if i wanted i could have changed it with a better presentation but this 1 came up from depth of my i kept it original, both the content,the feeling and the words.>>>>>>>>>>>
      u get me what i mean???

  3. beti chod yay tu na likha hai… salay tera jaisay banday ko bheo pyaar hua tha not bad brother….
    no but seriousley did all this really happen yay bakchodi ma likh dia ha salay bata bata

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